Unit 1 | Recognize misinformation shared via text messages

Want to know more how to share accurate information with others via your mobile phone?

You will receive a messages and be asked a question where you can practice "four moves". These moves are a series of actions to take when encountering messages that have been shared with you.


The first move is stop. This is a reminder to to ask yourself if you know who sent this message to you. Are they an an expert? Can you see the source for the information. Stop reading or sharing until you know what you are looking at.

Investigate the source

The second move is to know where the information you are about to read comes from. Take a few seconds to work out the source, this will help you better understand the significance and trustworthiness.

Find trusted coverage

When you can't determine the reliability of the source, then the third move is to locate other known experts or in-depth and trusted coverage that can give you idea on whether there is consensus or disagreement around the information you are reading.

Trace claims, quotes and media to their original context

Messages are often passed around. In the retelling, they are often manipulated. By tracing back to the original, you can compare the difference.