About Mliteracy

Struggling with your mobile? Making sense of the connected world?

During Covid-19, many are kept informed about the pandemic via their mobile devices. With data and a few key apps, their phones have allowed their owners to access more information than ever before. more informed.

Phone users can receive and share important information to friends and families. But for some who are overwhelmed by the volume and disparity of messages, it can be hard to decide who to trust and which messages are credible. Misinformation, hoaxes and falsehoods have made it a challenge to keep up to date with the news, advice and guidance on our phones. When data is expensive, it becomes even more difficult to verify the accuracy of messages received.

Think before you link is a project for librarians and by librarians who want to reduce the spread of false information. People who are committed to the facts and willing to join a truth team.

Can you help us to create a course, build mobile capacity and guide those who are use their phone to identify real and false information?